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Infusion Edutainment VR Lounge (now known as Infusion VR Arcade), opened in 2016, is a virtual reality arcade in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada. We offer in-store and off-site gaming services to customers, providing a safe space to try virtual reality technology and to add something fun on your list of things to do in Victoria. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art headsets, high-powered PCs, and 200+ VR games, our Lounge also serves as a space for product testing and customer feedback collection.


Since 2016, we expanded our company to incorporate a software development department. Today, our development team is working on projects that blend education with entertainment. 

More by infusion:

Infusion Edutainment Learning Logo

Infusion Edutainment Language Learning Inc. is dedicated to bringing Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence developments to education— innovating an immersive and engaging learning experience. 

Infusion Edutainment Logo

In 2018, Infusion expanded our company to incorporate a software development department and explore virtual education opportunities! 

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