Virtual Reality Student's Package

-Fun Entertainment for All Ages-

  • $5 Demo Games with 5 minutes play time. You can play 1 of our featured games such as Fruit Ninja, Space Pirate Trainer, TheBlu, Dreamcoaster or Beat Saber for 5 minutes. Especially, you can try our Beat Saber challenge to win a free drink or a smart watch. 

  • $10 each person for 10 minutes play time to play Elven Assassin - bow and arrows game. This is multiplayer game so players can play and see their friends in virtual world. Beat waves 10 with in 10 minutes to get a free drink each. 10% discounts for a large group of 16 students or more, and 20% for a group of 20 students or more. Call us at 778 265 8338 or drop in at 514 Fort Street for more details

  • Whole floor rental is also available from $300 per hour plus tax. Our Lounge can have up to 30 students. With the whole floor rental package, students have access to all of our rooms and headsets in the lounge. We have 6-7 headsets in total, including our VIP rooms. Contact us for more details. 

Guests must arrive 10 minutes prior to their booking for the game play instructions and discussion. Otherwise, this time allotted for debriefing will shorten their play time.

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