Heading 3

2 Headsets 20 Minute Session

2 players, each with their own headset. They'll play alongside each other in the virtual world!

Game choices:

Elven Assassin: Use a bow and arrow to defend your village from the Orcish Horde! The invaders will attack you with everything they have, including massive Ogres and Dragons!

Remember to dodge their axes!


Serious Sam The Last Hope: Step into the shoes of Sam "Serious" Stone and defeat an alien incursion with a vast array of weapons. This is all about firepower!

Serious Sam_Last Hope.jpg

Please read the restrictions before booking


1. This Groupon deal only allows you to choose one of the two listed co-op games above.

2. Coupons are only applicable when booked ahead of time. The groupon deal is redeemable between Monday and Thursday. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking time to go over instructions. 


Please put your Groupon Redeem code in the message box when filling up the booking info. If we don't see the proper Groupon Redeem Code, you session won't be booked

3. Please Note, the Groupon price already includes Tax.  There won't be any additional charge when you check in.  Each booking may be rescheduled once after said booking has been finalized. This deal is only eligible to use from Monday to Thursday.

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