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Artificial Intelligence

​Infusion Edutainment is developing a VR AI teaching assistant that allows students to practice their speaking skills in a safe environment, while also experiencing what the future of teaching could look like. Currently in the developmental stages. This product is now in Early Access on  Steam 

Augmented Reality Program

​We have developed AR technology to function on both smartphones and headsets to provide custom content for local businesses.

University projects

We give university students a chance to learn using holograms in reality via mixing realities - this is known as Augmented Reality. Students will have a chance to interact with holographic models for a wide variety of fields. One example would be having students the opportunity to test their knowledge and soon practice "holo surgery.” We are also aim to work with University staff training on VR and AI Technology.

smart language learning program

Infusion Edutainment has a partnership with the University of Victoria Digital Second Language Learning Lab, creating Smart VR Language Learning Program with VR and AI Technology.

        100% native English culture, most useful topics and immersive environments and native American English accent, and a British English Accent options
        The whole program is implementing with Dr, Schuetze's (Linguist and professor of UVic; Book: Language Learning and the Brain: Lexical Processing in Second Language Acquisition, Published by Cambridge University Press, Oct. 31, 2016.) knowledge background of and the stimulation of games with AI and VR Technology.

summer vr fun camp

VR 3D modeling; VR Animation/drama/short films making and team building through VR activities: Laser tag, paintball, archery

Final Project will be a 3d model and a short 3D movie.

Chinese students and local students mixed learning and activities experience

Age: 10-18 years old

Equipment and devices : HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (provided by Infusion Edutainment)

Students will be spending their time learning with VR! Skills worked on include problem solving, teamwork, communication, and technology skills. Time is spent both in classroom and on an outdoors doing other activities including a treasure hunt! 

Up to 12 students per class

school virtual edutainment field trip

The purpose of our field trips is to get students out of their traditional environment and come to our VR lounge to learn everyday subjects in a very unique way. This will help them grasp concepts faster and allow students to practice and apply the skills they have learned throughout school and life in a safe and limitless environment.

Learn more about Infusion Edutainment:

Infusion Edutainment VR Lounge

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