A tried and tested cure for those lockdown blues. our travel experience is perfect for those itching to explore the world through the lens of VR. Walk through the streets of Vienna or blast off into outer space this collection contains both interactive gameplay and 360° Videos


Designed for players who want to compete with and against there friends (4-8people) in virtual reality. Featuring our most popular multiplayer game elven assassin, the fast growing Echo VR, and for all ages Gorilla tag! 

elven assassin high res_edited.jpg


Perfect for beginners and experts at VR our single player experience is our most broad group package. Featuring games for the musically inclined like Beat Saber all the way to stand up horde mode shooters and everything in between. The unique aspect of this package is its variability, you are in the drivers seat of your experience and can choose and change experiences as you see fit. we have found this to be perfect for groups with varying comfortability and experience with gaming.