Our Lounge capacity will be reduced to single stations only, with a 6 person maximum occupancy at a time- this means our party packages will no longer include a group hour in the King or Queen rooms. These rooms will be closed until further notice. Our stations are all separated by walls- there is even a vault we can lock you in. (That’s partially a joke.)

Our staff will no longer be touching your equipment while assisting you. You will be required to place the VR headset on yourself, as well as pick up the controllers on your own. If we need to provide instruction, or change your game, we will do it remotely from our front desk. Our staff will not be entering your station. 

We will be deep cleaning the headsets and controllers with an EPA-registered cleaner between each use, and a bleach solution each day. (Don’t worry, we will make sure no abrasive cleaners irritate your face.) We will also be using disposable face masks for individual use. 

All touch points and surfaces in the lounge will be disinfected every few minutes, on top of after every use. All touchable surfaces will be sanitized regularly. There will also be multiple bottles of hand sanitizer for your use. 

Guest and staff hygiene will be of utmost concern- anyone feeling ill, or showing COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed in the lounge. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if we believe you are compromising the health and safety of other guests and staff. We ask you to come back when you are feeling at your best.


We are keeping very calm and keeping things extremely clean. 

We will continue to monitor HealthLinkBC, the CDC, and the World Health Organization to stay current and adapt to this difficult time effectively. 

We look forward to seeing you, healthy and ready to play some VR! 

Guests must arrive 10 minutes prior to their booking for instructions and game planning. Otherwise, this time allotted for debriefing will shorten their play time.

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