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Oculus Quest 2 Rentals at Infusion VR arcade


Oculus Quest 2

* Games included *

Days Rate

10% off on following days for

multiple-day rentals


Single Player Games

Multiplayer Games

Virtual Experiences

Note:  Multiplayer connectivity  cannot be guaranteed, it requires a minimum of 50mb/s download speed and 20mb/s upload speed to work seamlessly. Furthermore, connecting to a WIFI network of 2.4g (i.e. 2.4 gigahertz) will usually not be sufficient for a seamless experience as 2.4g WIFI is designed for a slower but wider range connection. Finally, we are the providers of the hardware (Quest headsets) not the software (individual games), Although many games and experiences are included with each headset we can NOT guarantee the stability of each specific title. 

**In order to access our games you must be connected to a home network. Public networks will NOT work with the chromecasts**


To connect multi-player games, you must use the in-game menus, which means start the game first, then connect inside game specific  multiplayer mode.

*Please DO NOT connect your Facebook account as we may not be able to remove it!*

$8 per day

Chromecast 1 Rentals at Infusion VR arcade


Cast remotely to your TV so everyone can watch!

How to videos:

chromecast set-up:

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