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virtual escape room games

Step into a world unlike any other with our  VR escape rooms! Experience the thrill of adventure as you solve puzzles and uncover secrets in a virtual reality environment. Get ready to escape reality and immerse yourself in a completely new dimension of entertainment.

The Alice Virtual Reality Escape Room experience at infusion VR arcade

Cursed Souls - up to 3 players


A house with a suffocating atmosphere… rapidly flickering lights and intimidating noises emanating from the walls, though no one is inside. Eerie whispers. Sudden angry shouts. Shadows moving in the darkness. The deeper you dig into the story of The House, the more The House enters your soul.

Call of Blood - up to 3 players


On a chilling Halloween morning, its walls witnessed an unspeakable horror: bloodless bodies of staff and all the patients scattered everywhere. You're the forensic investigator on a race against time. Unravel the mystery, find the missing, and pray that you don't become the next victim.

sanctum - up to 3 players


You received a letter from your close friend Anna, a detective conducting an investigation of mysterious disappearances in the nearby forests. Now you have no other choice but to do everything to save her.

jungle quest - up to 3 players


During a walk in the park, you found a portal that leads to the mysterious world. An amazing sanctuary populated by animals appears in front of you. But how do you get back?

alice - up to 3 players


Take part in the maelstrom of events and put yourself in Alice's shoes! Plunge into a world of real magic! You have to uncover the secrets of the Queen of Hearts, who has cast a spell on Wonderland's time. 

Christmas - up to 3 players


Christmas is under threat! Santa has got caught in a blizzard, he has lost all the presents and cannot find his way home. Only you can save Christmas.

signal lost - up to 3 players


The connection with the secret research station “Asgard”, orbiting the Earth, was unexpectedly lost five hours ago. Later on the station moved to a fading orbit. It is just one hour left until “Asgard” will enter the atmosphere of our planet.

cyberpunk - up to 3 players


Your group, made up of cyborgs equipped with special skills, has decided to steal some rare data from the archives of an influential corporation. Infiltrating the complex unnoticed, you must get to the archives and download the stack memory. But there won’t be anything easy about that.

chernobyl - up to 3 players


If only we could change the past, or witness the events that changed the world... Is it possible to change fate? Travel back in time to see if you can change the situation from which, it seemed - there was no way out. 

mission sigma - up to 3 players


Secret services have located and neutralized a known terrorist who has been hiding out in a deprived area of the city for the last ten years. This is where the good news ends. It turns out that on the roof of an abandoned high-rise the maniac has installed a nuclear warhead with a timer on it. Can you get past all the traps and preempt a nuclear attack?

survival - up to 3 players


You were planning an unforgettable vacation trip with your friends. However, you did not expect it to turn into a survival quest. A lightning struck the plane and it crashed next to a small-uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean.

the prison - up to 3 players


You’ve been framed and put in jail on trumped-up charges. The escape plan is all set, and now you’ll need all the courage, all the cunning and all the luck you have to get to freedom and clear your name.

Introducing: Escape Simulator VR!

NEW at Infusion VR!! Venture into captivating escape rooms solo or in an online co-op with up to 6 players. Pick up and examine everything, break objects, solve locks, and decipher puzzles to escape!

Now featuring Among Us AND Portal themed escape rooms!

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