Single Player recommendations

Single player Games

Enjoy a wide variety of virtual reality worlds at your own pace! We have fast paced arcade action: Shoot bots out of the sky in games like Space Pirate Trainer! Feel the rhythm in games like Beat Saber! Slice fruit for that prized high score in games like Fruit Ninja! We also have deep, narrative driven games where you can enter a beautiful fairytale world (Moss) or a dystopian nightmare (Half Life: Alyx). Check out our full games list collection to see everything we offer!



Multiplayer Games

In these games you can inhabit a virtual reality world with your friends and family! Compete against each other in arena shooters, cooking games, or classics like minigolf! We also have games where you can co-operate for a common goal: Fend off zombies together, defend your fantasy village from orcs or solve puzzles to emerge victorious as a team!

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Featured Experiences

These virtual reality titles will take you along for the ride! No need to worry about game mechanics or quick reflexes. Jump from a plank 30 stories high, behold the majestic depths of the ocean, or ride a rollercoaster through a fantasy landscape! These experiences will show you the wonders of VR, whether you're 5 or 85!