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Interactive VR Games

In these games you can inhabit a virtual reality world with your friends and family! Compete against each other in arena shooters, cooking games, or classics like minigolf! We also have games where you can co-operate for a common goal: Fend off zombies together, defend your fantasy village from orcs or solve puzzles to emerge victorious as a team!

Interactive VR Games

Single player

2 player

4 Player

5-8 players

VR Rides

VR Rides
360 degrees of motion VR Experience at Infusion VR arcade

Ride experience

Time Machine

Time Machine: Kid Friendly

Non VR arcade games

Non VR Arcade Games

Where fun meets rewards!

Score big on our arcade machines to earn toy capsules filled with surprises!

 These capsules drop when you reach specific scores, containing a variety of goodies.

Collect them and exchange for fantastic prizes, including adorable stuffed animals, entertaining toys, stylish kid jewelry, and other miscellaneous treasures.


It's simple: play, win, and trade for your favorite rewards at Infusion XR Arcade!

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